June 3, 2015

Clean Water Paddle – Big Apple to Big Easy

One of Surfrider Foundation’s own is embarking on a stand-alone effort to raise awareness around water quality issues. The effort is a long-distance paddle by Margo Pellegrino, of the South Jersey Chapter, in her outrigger canoe. Margo will be paddling from the Big Apple (NYC) to the Big Easy (New Orleans) in a 2-part journey. Part I – which will be NYC to Chicago – will be from May 20 to July 18, 2015. Part II will take place in 2016.

Margo Pellegrino from the South Jersey Chapter of Surfrider

Margo Pellegrino from the South Jersey Chapter of Surfrider

Specifically, Margo wants to bring attention to the importance of/attack on the Clean Water Rule that the EPA is trying to finalize in order to expand the types of water bodies that the Clean Water Act protects (Surfrider action alert here). Margo is finding partners with local Surfrider Chapters and other like-minded organizations along the way to bring attention to local clean water issues as well – to encourage community dialogue, action, and stewardship around clean water.

We here in the Southeaster Michigan Chapter of Surfrider look forward to receiving Margo on June 17 in Detroit!

The paddle – stop locations and dates:


The project:

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