February 13, 2014

Coastal Survey

Many thanks to Dr. Bob Howe and Ms. Erin Giese from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay for sharing this resource. If you’re scouting for a lake trip, want to get an aerial view of your favorite spot, or just curious what the shoreline of Michigan looks like be sure to check this out. This is from Erin,

The USACE took oblique images of the entire Great Lakes shoreline (USA portion only) in 2012 by plane and has provided the images for free online.  Check out this link:
http://greatlakes.usace.army.mil/  .

How to use this tool:
Once you’ve opened the webpage, select a Great Lake (or river) of interest to you by checking the appropriate box in the left-hand window pane.  You may select or deselect a particular state as well.  To view an image of interest to you, zoom into the area on the Google satellite map (in middle), and then select a spot along one of the colored lines that you’d like to view.  Note that each colored line represents an individual pass of an airplane.  Once you select a spot along the line, a window pane on the right will appear showing you the image of that exact spot on the map.  Double clicking the image will enlarge it and offer metadata.  If you scroll up and down and select different images in the right-hand window pane, your camera icon on the satellite map will move along with your picture change.

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